Galapagos. My little treasure

The Galapagos happened spontaneously in my life. Preparing my world travel at home, I tried to find an opportunity to visit islands on a budget. I was looking for volunteering, couchsurfing, work, ticket’s sales – everything. I’ve found some interesting projects and kept them for the future. And already in Ecuador, I spontaneously jumped to the first plane with a cool German guy I met on my way and we went for the 5-days adventure in one of the most amazing places in the world, without any plans.

We passed serious multi-level check before landing, filled in countless papers and even got into the criminal list as three-mandarin-importers (which we took for the breakfast) – importing natural products like wood, food,etc to the islands is strictly prohibited. Read More

10 Unique Animals of the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is an archipelago of 16 volcanic islands located 1000 km from the South American mainland. When these islands appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, neither animals nor plants existed on them. They arrived there later – with wind, currents, on wreckages of ships. Read More

Baños de Agua Santa – The Place For Adrenalin Junkies

Banos de Agua Santa is the adrenalin capital of Ecuador, it’s a mecca for those who loves outdoor adventures. Here you can take advantage of the varied environment such as mountains, hot springs, rivers and waterfalls.

People go to Banos to jump from the bridge, hang out on a rope over an abyss, swing at the end of the world or go straight to the Devil’s cauldron; here at every corner you will find tour agencies who eager to bring you for rafting, rope jumping, ziplining and other heart pumping activities.

And after such an adrenaline rush, in the evenings everyone soak in hot springs, heated by  active volcano Tungurahua. This volcano erupted last year, in February 2016, and the locals watched it, sitting on a bridge with chips and rum, taking selfies – volcano is far enough to be safe.

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Who Stole All The Oxygen? Hiking The Quilotoa Crater Lake, Ecuador

Ecuador is a land of volcanoes. It is home to many different volcanoes, both active and inactive. There are approximately 60-70 volcanoes in the country.

In the caldera of the volcano Quilotoa a delightfully turquoise lake was formed about 800 years ago. The last time this volcano erupted in the 13th century. Locals say that this lake doesn’t have a bottom.

Quilotoa is 35 km from the town of Latakunga by the twisting road. We arrived at the view point at altitude of 3914 meters. The first thing one will see there is a souvenir area, a couple of restaurants with a roasting cuy (guinea pig) infront of entrance. The path runs a little forward and … right around the corner appeares a magical landscape on the caldera of the volcano.


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Mindo. Cloud Forest of Ecuador

Mindo is a little town situated in the Cloud Forest, just 2 hours by bus from Quito.
It attract nature lovers, hikers, bird watchers and adventure seekers. It is truly one of Ecuador’s most beautiful natural sights! Read More

Eat like a local. Cuba


Wherever I go, I always eat like local people do. Forget about familiar food and go to explore one of the most important parts of the culture!

Cuban foodie tradition is a mix of traditions of Spanish, African and indigenous people of Cuba (Taino). Sound intriguing and promising a diversity of different tastes, right? Read More

Escape from Havana


Alarm clock tried wake me up softly but insistently. I had to get ready for the trip to Trinidad, to pack things again and say goodbye to my host Anita.

Suddenly I heard some rustle behind the door. A white sheet of paper appeared on the floor under the door. I waited a bit until person behind the door went away and picked up the sheet. It was written: “4 nights, $ 60. Usually we take $ 80, but Sylvia give you a discount. Leave money and the key on the table when you will leave home. Anita.”

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