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Trekking in Bolivia. Laguna Chillata and Laguna Glaciar, Sorata

General information. How long, how hard, where to camp? 2 days, 1 night. About 50 km trek. Difficulty – hard (due to the altitude and unclear trek to glacier). Hike only to Laguna Chillata – medium.

Travel Moments. This Warmhearted People of the World

I paid Peru very short visit, 9 days only. I had to cross the whole country within 64 hours in stuffy and sweaty buses, from the coast of Ecuador, where I worked in a travel agency to Arequipa, where I planned to see my friend…

Galapagos. My little treasure

The Galapagos happened spontaneously in my life. Preparing my world travel at home, I tried to find an opportunity to visit islands on a budget. I was looking for volunteering, couchsurfing, work, ticket’s sales – everything. I’ve found some interesting projects and kept them…